How to Forget a Bad Dream

How to Forget a Bad Dream

Everyone needs a good night's sleep, but a bad dream can affect our daily lifestyle.
Sweet Dreams!


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    Remember that dreams aren't real. A bad dream might happen if you eat the wrong food before bed, watch something scary or uncomfortable, or because of a problem in your life. If someone dies in your dream, it doesn't mean they will. Stay calm and remember that your dream isn't going to happen.
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    BreatheCalm down and just relax. Don't worry about anything. Just think about things that make you happy. Anything that suits you, from your birthday party, to your friend's wedding. It's good to just take a few moments each week to just calm down and recap on the past week.
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    Do something to take your mind off it. Whether it's reading a book, watching TV, or calling your friends. Just take a day to unwind and do whatever makes you happy. Dreams usually have a meaning, but some nightmares can just be because of the scary movie you watched the night before. Don't worry about the effect your dreams could be having on you, as they usually just mean nothing.
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    Vent your feelings. Tell someone you trust and you know won't laugh or make fun of you. Call your parents, e-mail your friend or just tell them in person. It's better to get things off your chest. Be sure not to scare anyone though.
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    Before you go to sleep, just relax. Think good thoughts and try to train your mind to calm down and focus on the happy moments.
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    During the day, try to exercise to relieve stress. Bad dreams can be caused by stress, or depression. Exercising is a great way to de-stress yourself, so why not go for a jog in the park? Also, meditation is another good way to calm your whole body down.
  7. 7
    See a therapist or family doctor, if bad dreams become problematic.
  8. 8
    Lucid dreaming may help you get over those bad dreams - check out How to Lucid Dream for more information. Lucid dreaming is where YOU are in control of your dream. It's where you realize YOU are in the dream.dit


  • Get in good sleeping habits. Take a bath, read a book or watch television.
  • Don't think about it!
  • If you need to get back to sleep after a nightmare, the best advice is to make your room completely dark, because any light can cast terrifying shadows if you just had a nightmare. Don't sleep with the light on; it will make everything look scary! Even things like a computer can be a horrible ghost if you are half asleep!
  • Of course, there are some people who are afraid of complete darkness. In that case, leave the door anywhere between a crack open to half open. Then, close your eyes, and don't open them again for any reason whatsoever. (Unless it's time to wake up, then it's a good idea to open them and get out of bed)
  • Warnings

    • If you do eat before bed don't eat heavy foods.
    • Don't watch any scary movies or scary television programs before you sleep.

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