Embarrassing and Funny Experience of Mine!

Funny Experience
An Embarrasing Moments
Well, I wanna tell you my funny experience, or rather my embarrassing moments. I know we all have our moments, but mine was embarrassing though! That moments happened when I was in kindergarten.
            One day, I back to my school with my Auntie because I was forgot my task book. Then, we were arrived at my kindergarten. I was wearing a simple animal prints t-shirt, a short jeans, and flat shoes. At that time, there was still many students playing around the school garden.
            Then, we deciced to go to the teachers room and my classroom. After I reached my task book in my class, I planned to go to my Aunt’s house. But, when we passed the children who were playing in the school garden, they all were laughing at me. I gave them a weird look and I was thinking ‘what happened to me?!’. They were point at me and they can’t stop laugh. So, I asked my Aunt ‘are there anything wrong?’ and she say that ‘everything is okay’ I gave her a weird look, then we kept walking  and got to the car. My Aunt started driving toward her home, but I was still think about what was happened, I was very sad about that incident. And, my Aunt try to comfort me, then she told me that I must forgot that moment. I sighed, exhaled, and looked down my simple short jeans, and ……. “OH MY GOSH!!!!” I shouted. Wanna know what happened? My short jeans was unzipped! So, that’s the reason why  they were laughing at me? What an embarrassing moment! My Aunt was laughing so hard when she realized what happened. She couldn’t stop laughing and giggling. She can’t stop teasing me about this.  It was a foolish moment of mine.
            After that embarrassing moment, we arrived at my Aunt’s house, we watched TV for a while, we were playing Barbie, and etc. And then, she went to the bathroom. I decided to go to the kitchen, I was so hungry at the time. When I looked into the dinner table, there was a cake, umm….. honestly a weird cake, because the shape of the cake was irregular, but cause I was sooooo hungry at that time, I ate that weird cake, and …….. “PHUIHHHHHHHH!” I was throwing up, and then I was looking for the fresh water. I ran into the refrigerator, and I realized there was no fresh water on the refrigerator, and then I drank a glass of milk.  I ran into the sink and cleaned up my messy face, and I heard my Aunt’s yelling,
“What’s happening? Why my kitchen is so messy? OMG! Are you eat that cake, dear?” there was a pause.
“HAHAHA, hun. Why you eat that? You know,that was my failed cake, I forgot to throw it away. I’m so so sorry. How’s the taste? I really am sorry.” She asked.
 “Uhh ……. That was the most salty cake I have ever tried, honestly Auntie” I said.
“Oh I’m so sorry, I put a lot of salt for that. How about we go to the Mall for lunch as an apology?” she winked at me and gave me a small smile.
“Well, that’s a great idea.” I replied.
            After those embarrassing moments, I went to the Mall with my Aunt for had a lunch and refreshing. It was one of the embarrassing moments and funny experience thing that ever happened in my life. Thanks a lot for your attention.